Does the Draft have any Allure to it?

VW will be pick #1. The next three picks are probably up for grabs as the teams wrestle with wanting a seasoned pro instead of picking a player to develop over the next few years. Of course, there are the Pistons. Handed #5 by the NBA as their reward for the worst record. That should show the franchise that losing isn't a panacea, right?

Will they trade the pick too? Can they trade the pick? If they draft a player will that player supplant another starter in their line-up to keep us churning, and perhaps burning?

Is getting younger and younger and younger really the best way to win in the NBA? Kevin Durant, James Harden, LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Chris Paul, Jimmy Butler, Stephon Curry, and others that still command the highest respect in the sport are a bit past their 19th or 20th birthdays (the top draft pick birthday range).

There's no denying that the future of the NBA someday will belong to much younger stars, when they become older. Even remembering the jump in standings the Pistons made after drafting Isaiah Thomas you have to concede that it took 4 years to reach the highest levels of competition with him on board. It wasn't until 8 years later that they won their first championship, when Joe D was in year 4, Isaiah reached year 8, Laimbeer was in year 8; Rodman and Salley were in year 3; Mahorn was in year 4; and, Vinnie was in year 8 too. Wow, that was a long time building and keeping a team together. Of course, they showed promise and development consistently as soon as Thomas arrived in his rookie season.

I would be remiss to also mention that the Pistons mentioned didn't all start their careers here too. So several had additional years of service on their records before getting to the championship.

I suppose what comes to mind is that Grant was only with us for 2 years; Bey 2.5 years; and, so, we aren't keeping players around for very long any more, are we? Building a championship team seems to take a bit longer that than.

I think we aren't doing things right.

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