I think if the Pistons want to play better basketball, signing UFA Jerami Grant should be their top priority. When we lost him the team caved. Returning him to the fold I think would push the team into relevancy.

With Grant, the return of Cunningham, and hopefully a good #5 pick it would move the needle enough to keep them from being the worst team in the NBA, and potentially making the playoffs. The continued development of Duren is also of course essential too.

I'm positing that the Pistons would have several pieces come together on their second unit as well. Resigning Joseph to compete with Hayes as the top backup point guard makes sense to me. Burks becomes the backup shooting guard. Depending on who and how ready the #5 pick is, either that player or Bogdanovic are the starter or backup at small forward. If the #5 is a power forward, then Livers retains his role as backup small forward, and the #5 plays backup to Grant at power forward. However, Stewart becomes a chess piece to be a backup at 3, 4, and 5 depending on match ups. Wiseman and Bagley are relegated to backup centers if the match up works, and they show they deserve and can earn minutes. I would also hope that the Pistons top of the second round pick is a good developmental player for a guard role. Omoruyi, Boeheim, Rhoden, and Hampton fight it out for remaining spots on the roster.

Would this line up and back up rotation structure work? I think it also depends on getting a dynamic coach that will inspire confidence, require defensive intensity, and instill a greater sense of having to earn minutes. Monty Williams would be my first choice, but if he's not willing to come to Detroit, my search would look beyond the current trio.

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