Welcome Monty Williams - There ain't no party like a Detroit party!

I confess, I love it that it that Monty Williams is the Pistons new head coach. He has guided a team from 19 wins to being a championship caliber team. I am betting that he's learned from it and can do even better here. Getting the team over the last hump to being a champion awaits!

Detroit has many of the pieces of being a very competitive team. They still need more but they now have the right hand to guide their development, I have to believe that Troy Weaver is rejuvenated too, and will do all he can to build this team fast and furious.

Weaver has shown he is aggressive and can make things happen.

I have stated I don't like Tom Gores, but I give him credit for bringing Williams to town. I congratulate him and thank him for doing so. There will be more tough decisions ahead, and probably the need to spend a lot more money. I hope that this is a show of his willingness to do so.

Can Detroit become relevant quickly? 2023-24 will be an interesting year. With Cade Cunningham coming back, Jaden Ivey and Jalen Duren another year older and wiser, and another key addition soon to arrive perhaps they will have enough pieces to bring to the party to make it a great year!

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