How about -- Name that Free Agent! -- An Exciting New Game

Dillon Brooks, Cameron Johnson, Jevon Carter, Jerami Grant are top of mind for me. Who do you think are the top free agents on the Piston's radar?

Renounce any current team free agents, or buy out someone? I'm not sure how Cory Joseph, Rodney McGruder, Hamidou Diallo, or Marvin Bagley fit long term. Should the team free up cap space by moving on?

Is Buddy Boeheim, RJ Hampton, Jared Rhoden, or dare I say, Killian Hayes really worth retaining?

Can the team go over the cap space since they are way below the tax threshold? Just how does that work? Is it time to replenish with higher quality players?

Is anyone else focusing on Cam Whitmore as the draft pick? I like the athleticism I've read about. Have you seen him play? Is he an efficient scorer? Does he have good range?

With Williams aboard I hope they won't waste his time here. Let's get some players!

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