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2023 NBA Draft: Fill out the DBB Community Big Board

The NBA Draft is loaded with talent, but there isn’t much that separates pick three for pick 13. Take our short survey to help us build a DBB NBA Draft Big Board

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament - Practice Day - Birmingham Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The NBA Draft is Thursday, and very little about how the first 10 picks will play out is settled. We don’t know who is going No. 2. We don’t know who the first Thompson Twin selected will be, and we certainly have no clue what the Detroit Pistons plan to do at No. 5. We don’t even know if they will keep the fifth pick or try to trade down to grab a player who falls.

With all of that uncertainty comes an opportunity for clarity. A chance to show the NBA world that you were right, and not just in hindsight. It’s time to build the Detroit Bad Boys Community Big Board.

As we have in past years, I have built a Qualtrics survey that asks you to rank a list of players. This year, we are listing 17 names to build a 10-player Big Board. I have omitted Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson because they will surely be gone. It’s everything else that is a question mark.

Also, as in past years, I have provided an opportunity for you to contribute blurbs on players you are either really high on or really low on compared to consensus. I will select blurbs to be included when the final DBB Community Big Board debuts on Thursday.

Sure, we can all say how much we all loved Cam Whitmore and Anthony Black five years from now when they turn into budding stars. Or we can say we were always out on them when their games don’t translate to the NBA. But it only counts if you can show you made the right call before the NBA Draft.

Let’s go.