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The Pistons Pulse: Final Pistons Draft Preview and Monty Williams Coaching Staff

The Pistons Pulse Podcast w/Bryce Simon of MotorCityHoops & Omari Sankofa II of The Detroit Free Press

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The Pistons Pulse is brought to you by The Detroit Free Press and is co hosted by Bryce Simon of MotorCityHoops and Omari Sankofa II, Detroit Pistons beat writer for The Detroit Free Press.

Omari and I recorded our final episode of The Pistons Pulse before the NBA Draft on Thursday, June 22nd. Make sure you join the DetroitBadBoys LIVE stream on Thursday night as we break down every single pick of the night including the Pistons selections at No. 5 and No. 31.

We begin this episode talking about the hiring of Monty Williams and more specifically, the reported coaching staff additions that Williams will have alongside him on the sideline and takeaways from Williams press conference last week. What do we think about the additions of Stephen Silas, Dan Burke, Mark Bryant, Jarrett Jack and more?

After giving our thoughts on the new coaching staff for the Pistons we dive into the NBA Draft for the final time before Troy Weaver makes his official picks. We play out countless scenarios for Detroit at No. 5 including Cam Whitmore being off the board, Amen Thompson being off the board and potential trades that we could see happening.

We also discuss some of the other potential trades that we could see on draft night including the Dallas Mavericks at No. 10, Detroit trading back and more! Find out where Omari and I land on all of these scenarios, what we would do on Thursday and what we think will actually happen once the dust settles.

A reminder that Omari and I will also record a special edition of The Pistons Pulse on Friday morning recapping everything that happened from Thursday night! Make sure you join us for that! LINK HERE

With that said, we hope you enjoy this episode of The Pistons Pulse!

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