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2023 NBA Free Agency Open Thread

The Pistons already made what might be their big move, but that won’t stop the rest of the NBA from spending a few billion dollars

2023 NBA Playoffs- Philadelphia 76ers v Boston Celtics Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

Well, it might be a quiet opening to NBA free agency for the Detroit Pistons, who sold off the majority of its available cap space in a pre-deadline move for Joe Harris, the NBA’s wildest day is about to commence.

Superstars are demanding trades, franchises are trying to stave off salary cap hell, and Matt Ishbia has hundreds of millions burning a hole in his pocket.

We will use this thread to discuss it all. If the Pistons make a big deal it will have to be some sort of multi-player trade, and we’ll cover that in its own post as quickly as we can. For now, I guess we can all be relieved that Detroit won’t be the team to pay Kyle Kuzma $25 million-plus per season (fingers crossed).

I might try to update this thread with the wildest rumors and updates, and certainly will get something up if it involves Detroit. Or, you know, I might just take a walk. We’ll see!