DBB Commenter Big Board Top Seven Tracker - Register your Takes!

So I'm trying this, just a Google document tracking the top seven on your big board for DBB commenters. Everyone has a draft take, but let's record them in a semi-organized way.

Obviously no one is required to participate, in fact, those of you that choose not to participate probably have healthier mental approaches to fandom. But I do find it interesting to get this stuff down in some sort of registered fashion. Not sure why.

So, if you want to participate put a comment below with your top seven. Obviously I assume everyone will have the same #1, and it's likely 2/3 won't matter for the PIstons sake, but top seven makes it simple enough I believe.

If you wish to change your top seven at any point before draft date, feel free to do so and I'll do my best to update it.

As of this writing I don't even have one myself, but I'll come up with one before the due date.

I'll update the document here:

Let's find out who has the best takes. We won't know for years so this is like a time capsule.

Go Pistons.

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