New York Knicks

We still owe the Knicks a first round pick and the protection through #18 in 2024 gets lower and lower the years after until 2027. Originally I thought it should be converted in 2024, but with Cade missing all of last season I do not believe that we will finish in the top 12 record-wise next year. This reduces our flexibility for trades significantly since we basically can´t trade a first-rounder until this one is out of the way. In 2025 the protection goes to #13 , then #11, then #9 before being transformed into a 2027 secound-round-pick.

Now the Knicks are looking to get rid of Fournier who is on the boooks for 16 Mio. next year and the year after, with the second year being a team option. Is there a deal we can make to get our first-rounder back?

Is it worth giving up Bojan for Fournier, our first and a young player?

Maybe Harris is enough for Fournier and the pick?

What do you think? Should we get our first back?

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