Hoops Hype Rotation I Think Is Wrong

I keep checking at to see if Hayes and, or Bogdanovic have been traded yet, but no go just yet. Rumors heating up again with Dallas showing some interest, but the deal just doesn't seem to mesh with what the Pistons want, and the contract duration on Bogdanovic's deal is a nice factor that seems to merit extra value.

I had to also check on how they see our rotations, and thought this isn't the way I see it at all. Thought I'd do a run down and see what others think:

PG CC - no surprise here. Definitely everyone hopes he returns to assume the club's leadership role. I keep wondering if they might some how explore him on the wing in certain situations, but most of the time I would have to believe that he's with the rock. #2 HH has Killian Hayes. I don't think so. I think Monte Morris assumes the role or wins in this spring, unless KH has transformed himself. Perhaps they battle it out in the preseason. I can't really rule out seeing Marcus Sasser in this competition too. It might play out over the course of the season where Sasser gains the role over all comers to be the top back-up.

SG Jaden Ivey - of course. The back-up is where we disagree. I think Alec Burks wins this role over Joe Harris. HH has Ausar Thompson as the top back-up with Joe Harris behind him, with Malcom Cazalon listed 4th on the depth chart. Where is Burks? They have him listed as the back-up small forward.

SF Bijan Bogdanovic - I suppose it's possible he continues to stay in the starting line-up. HH believes this is where he fits with Alec Burks backing him up. The put Jaren Rhoden as the #3. I think Bogey will compete with and probably initially win the starting role over Ausar Thompson, but expect both to see the majority of minutes at the 3.

PF James Wiseman - what? How can they move Isaiah Stewart out in favor of Wiseman, and worse yet see Stewart as the back-up center? HH has Wiseman followed by Marvin Bagley and Isaiah Livers in the rotation at power forward. I beg to differ here. I think this position is Stewart's with perhaps Livers and Jalen Duren battling as the primary back-up. Based on my view Bagley would be most likely a third-string center, and emergency 4.

C Jalen Duren - picked over Wiseman. I'm not sure I agree, and I also don't believe Wiseman will be the starter at power forward. I expect Duren and Wiseman battle it out to be the starting center and perhaps trade off based on the match-up. It's possible Stewart plays a role at the 5 too, but I don't think he's demoted from being a starter to back-up center. As I've mentioned I would expect Bagley to have a hard time getting minutes as a #3 center.

HH considers Rhoden and Cazalon the two two-way contract players, but my understanding is that the Pistons can have three this year, and I am pulling for Tosan Evbuomwan to be that third contract. Nunge, Umode, and perhaps Boeheim will have to fight it out with Evbuomwan though.

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