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The Pistons Pulse: Detroit Pistons Historian, Keith Black Trudeau, Talks Grant Hill & Goin’ To Work

The Pistons Pulse Podcast w/Bryce Simon of MotorCityHoops & Omari Sankofa II of The Detroit Free Press

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The Pistons Pulse is brought to you by The Detroit Free Press and is co hosted by Bryce Simon of MotorCityHoops and Omari Sankofa II, Detroit Pistons beat writer for The Detroit Free Press.

Omari and I are back this week with another great episode of The Pistons Pulse. This week we had the honor of being joined by THE Detroit Pistons historian, Keith Black Trudeau. Keith joined the original Motor City Hoops podcast in its early days to go through the entire history of the organization but this week we are going to try and stay focused on just the end of the Grant Hill era and the start of the Goin’ to Work squad.

We talk to Keith about the end of Grant Hill’s time in the Motor City and what all went into him being traded to the Orlando Magic. Hill is actually someone that Keith has had on his podcast, Bad Boys and Beyond, as a guest with his co-host Mike Payton.

Of course, this trade brought back one of the core members of the Goin’ to Work squad, Ben Wallace. We ask Keith what the perception of the trade was when it happened and how it all came to fruition.

We then really dive into the formation of this team and how they came to be. What was the fan reaction and perception of acquiring Chauncey Billups and “Rip” Hamilton? What was the scouting report on Tayshaun Prince when he was drafted by the team? Why did the trade for Rashee Wallace end up being such a perfect trade deadline addition?

To finish off the episode we ask Keith about Dave Bing and Dave DeBusschere inspired by a request from a fan who felt like they were being a little disrespected in fans memories of their careers and impacts on the organization. We also give Keith a chance to talk about the current iteration of the Pistons and how he feels about the state of the team.

With that said, we hope you enjoy this episode of The Pistons Pulse! Please leave a comment and if you have the time go over to Apple or Spotify and leave us a 5-star rating and review we would greatly appreciate it. You can also watch and support the podcast on the Detroit Free Press YouTube channel (link below) and subscribe so you never miss a live recording of the podcast.

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