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The Pistons Pulse: 3 v 3 Battle of Pistons Era’s & Top 3 Lists

The Pistons Pulse Podcast w/Bryce Simon of MotorCityHoops & Omari Sankofa II of The Detroit Free Press

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The Pistons Pulse is brought to you by The Detroit Free Press and is co hosted by Bryce Simon of MotorCityHoops and Omari Sankofa II, Detroit Pistons beat writer for The Detroit Free Press.

Omari and I are back again this week with another episode of The Pistons Pulse and this week we brought on our guy, Wes Davenport, for the entire show to host and lead us through the episode. We are truly into the NBA and Detroit Pistons offseason here at the beginning of August so we tried to get creative and have some fun with this week’s show.

To start off Omari and I compiled our best possible three on three teams of former (and current) Detroit Pistons players. The caveat is that Omari was only allowed to select from now until the Goin’ to Work team and I was only allowed to select from the start of the organization to the Bad Boys. Of course, this leaves out a timeframe of the Pistons organization and most notably, Grant Hill, which we felt like would sway things too far to one team. We would love to get your thoughts on our picks - I am sure we will take heat for them and probably, rightfully so - and whose team you think would win a game of three on three. Wanted to make sure and shout out Wes because this was 100% his idea!!

For the rest of the episode we truly have some fun and allow our personalities to show through. If you only tune into The Pistons Pulse for Pistons and NBA content then segments two and three might not be for you this week but please rejoin us next week as we get back into our regularly scheduled content. Omari and I give our top three lists of things ranging from food, cities and movies. We do end the episode back on the NBA with our list of all time favorite players.

With that said, we hope you enjoy this episode of The Pistons Pulse! Please leave a comment and if you have the time go over to Apple or Spotify and leave us a 5-star rating and review we would greatly appreciate it. You can also watch and support the podcast on the Detroit Free Press YouTube channel (link below) and subscribe so you never miss a live recording of the podcast.

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