How Many Players?

Troy Weaver is doing spring cleaning and it seems he's a whirling dervish trading players faster than anyone can count! I read an article after what seems like his most recent trade saying the roster has 17 players, so more changes seem imminent. However, at my last count there's more than that, that I think are still Pistons. Here's a roster / depth chart that I think is pretty accurate:

PG Cunningham, Sasser, Flynn, Hayes, Arcidiacono (5)

SG Ivey, Grimes, Milton, Fournier (4)

SF Fontecchio, House, Brown, Harris, Umude, Rhoden, Cazalon (7)

PF Thompson, Stewart, Gallinari (3)

C Duren, Muscala, Wiseman (3)

Of course two or three of these aren't on regular contracts (Cazalon, Rhoden, and Umude). Given that Arcidiacono hasn't really played in almost 3 years, I'd venture to say he's a waiver candidate. That brings it down to 18, so who am I counting or did the other writer miss?

Still about 2.5 hours until the end of the trading period. So perhaps Hayes and others will yet be moved. Gallinari might be another player that draws interest, and Harris as well.

From all that I've read Fontecchio is a good one. Grimes and Milton might play some role. I'm not sure whether Brown, House, Flynn, or Fournier really have much potential. Anyone have any observations or projections to share? Perhaps until after the trade deadline passes there's really not much point in over analyzing anything just yet.

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