So, We Held Onto Bogey and Burks For the Best Deal Possible?

I've tried to examine this deal with an open mind. I've tried to read others' opinions of the deal too. I'm kind of coming down on the side that says, maybe the Pistons shouldn't be allowed to make trades. That seems like the best result or comment that I've read and have to say I agree with.

What was the thinking? Two second round draft choices is better than one first round? Two on the way out of the league players is better than one star? One decent player for our top reserve? It's hard to see how fleeced the Knicks did Troy Weaver.

Were these moves with one more big one in mind? Maybe the trade deadline hasn't arrived just yet. However, don't you need good assets to obtain good assets? Giving away your best assets in advance just doesn't bode well for an even bigger, better trade, in my opinion.

Without giving the whole thing a deep, deep analysis here's where the team seems to stand now:

PG Cunningham, Sasser, Flynn

SG Ivey, Grimes, Milton

SF Fontecchio, Brown, Harris

PF Thompson, Gallinari, House

C Duren, Muscala, Wiseman

INJ Stewart - likely PF and C play totaling 25-30 mpg

On the way out - Hayes, Arcidiacono, Fournier

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