Return on Hayes Seems About Right

I'm not trying to bash Killian Hayes. I'm more about bashing Troy Weaver with this post. Releasing Hayes for nada, seems like a fitting way to end this year's trading season.

Additionally, Joe Harris was released. Again, I am amazed by how much Troy Weaver out did himself on this transaction. I really have to wonder how Tom Gores views all of this.

Well, Weaver, you whiffed on the first, first round pick. You whiffed on the second, first round pick by sending Saddiq Bey to Golden State for your soon to be whiff on James Wiseman. I suppose that's just a wasted practice year.

The Bogey trade really seems like a defeatist move. I don't want to believe that Weaver is trying to make Detroit the worst all-time NBA franchise, but it's getting hard to see how he isn't.

With the NBA Lottery there's no telling just what next year's pick with be. So the promise of improvement seems very cloudy at best. What's more perhaps the best player in the draft is a center - a position we least need.

It would have been interesting to see Weaver deal that top pick to improve the chances that a real improvement in the team's make-up could happen. I would have liked it if we had two first-rounders perhaps too, added to what we might have gotten to numb the pain even more.

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