Releasing House

So we pay a salary to get 2nd round pick. Wow, I wouldn't have predicted that trade on the NBA trade machine. Seems like we're really digging deep into moving things around.

I'm not sure I can follow all the "logic" of the moves made over this trade period. It was more of a house cleaning in general than just a release of a player. Hayes, House, Harris, Burks, Morris, and Bogdanovic seem like the scape goats for a very lost season. That actually could have been a line-up sometime in this horrid year: PG Morris, SG Burks, SF Harris, PF Bogdanovic, and C well, maybe Hayes and House to play small ball. That actually might have worked, well at least as well as it in fact did.

Now Piston fans we enter the new era. Cunningham, Ivey, Fontecchio, Thompson, and Duren, with Muscala, Gallinari, Stewart, Grimes, Milton, Sasser, Brown, and possibly for a few more games Wiseman.

This team inevitably changes again this off season a lot. Maybe the eight or nine stick around. Maybe.

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