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NBA Draft Big Board

Regular poll that allows DBB readers to vote on the next player who should be selected in the NBA Draft by the Detroit Pistons.

2022 NBA Draft: Detroit Bad Boys Staff Big Board: Vol. 1

We asked the DBB staff to rank the players who would make their current NBA draft lottery.

NBA Draft 2021: Looking for a Cade Cunningham compatriot in a new-look Big Board

Supplemental moves around a hopefully foundational star

Laz Jackson 2021 NBA Draft Big Board 1.0

With the regular season over, it’s time to turn our full Pistons attention to the NBA draft

2020 NBA Draft: Detroit Pistons Big Board from the DBB Staff

The DBB Staff built its own Detroit Pistons NBA Draft Big Board

Official DBB Big Board: James Wiseman’s big time potential too good to pass up, selected No. 7 on the Big Board

The Pistons drafting another big man would certainly be interesting

Official DBB Big Board: Poku tops Wiseman by one vote to take No. 6 on the Big Board

In a battle of conventional wisdom vs. going against the wisdom of the crowd, Poku represents big risk, big reward

Official DBB Big Board: Pistons need at PG leads them to Tyrese Haliburton at No. 5

There might be little sizzle to his game, but in a down year for the draft, a competent player like Haliburton might make sense. Will fans take a bigger swing at No. 6?

Official DBB Big Board: Pistons select Deni Avdija for injection of swagger, playmaking at No. 4

Avdija is no Luka, but he has massive potential on both ends of the floor. Who should the Pistons take at No. 5 on the Big Board?

Official DBB Big Board: Pistons select LaMelo Ball and his massive potential at No. 3

With the consensus candidates now gone things should get interesting. Who should the Pistons put No. 4 on the Big Board?

Official DBB Big Board: Pistons select Killian Hayes No. 2 for future French Connection with Sekou

Vote on who the Pistons should put No. 3 on the Big Board

Official DBB Big Board: Pistons select Anthony Edward No. 1; with the second pick the Detroit Pistons select ...

Detroit Pistons fans want the 6-foot-5 scoring guard out of Georgia if the team wins the NBA Draft Lottery

Official DBB Big Board: With the first pick the Detroit Pistons select ...

VOTE: Who should be No. 1 on the Detroit Pistons big board?