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2012-13 Pistons Roster Preview

An in-depth look at the Detroit Pistons' 2012-13 roster heading into camp.

Pistons vs. Hawks preview: A practice test

The Detroit Pistons have a chance to study up for their regular season opener with their last preseason game against the Atlanta Hawks.

Andre Drummond brings excitement to Motown

The Pistons have tried to manage expectations for Andre Drummond, but a combination of his skill and Detroit's flaws mean Drummond will see big minutes and might sneak himself into the Rookie of the Year conversation.

Jonny Flynn running out of chances

At only 23, Flynn is already on his fourth team. The Pistons haven’t been able to solidify the point guard position since November 3, 2008 and remain with no natural point guards in their rotation. Shouldn’t this be a match made in basketball heaven?

Kim English can contribute right away

You heard it here first* -- Kim English will be the first guard off the bench. He brings leadership and maturity uncommon for a rookie, but it's not going to mean much unless he hits open 3-pointers.

Slava Kravtsov looks to bring blocks and rebounds

Vyacheslav Kravtsov has one thing to say to Pistons opponents: "I must break you."

What does Corey Maggette have left in the tank?

Corey Maggette's $11 million expiring contract has a lot of value for this capped out franchise. Any value Maggette can bring to the court will be seen as a bonus.

Is there any hope left for Charlie Villanueva?

After several years of nagging injuries, ghostly defense and a reluctance to work in the post, it's unlikely to expect better in 2012-13. Despite his promise as a scorer, he may be at the bottom of the depth chart looking up.

Time is up for Daye to show he belongs

Austin Daye couldn't shoot, couldn't guard, defend or rebound last season. Daye wants to show everyone last year was a fluke but he is out of the rotation and with little chance of playing his way into it.

Will this be Jason Maxiell's final year in Motown?

An expiring contract, a 30th birthday and a game predicated upon energy and athleticism may wind down quickly. A trade might be best for the Pistons and best for the twilight of Jason Maxiell's NBA career.

Can Jonas Jerebko expand his role in 2012-13?

With new rookies and free agent signings complicating Detroit's depth chart, it may be difficult for Jonas Jerebko to expand his role in 2012-13. If he can improve his 3-point shooting and his defense, he might force the hand of the coaching staff.

Is the era of Isolayshaun over in 2012-13?

The Pistons' longest-tenured player needs to take a step back in the offensive game plan. It's time for him to take a back seat to Greg Monroe, Rodney Stuckey and Brandon Knight for the sake of his team and his own effectiveness.

Will Rodney Stuckey peak in 2012-13?

The 26-year-old Rodney Stuckey will approach his peak age this season. Can he show Pistons fans a consistent year of production as the team's starting shooting guard?

What should Brandon Knight improve for 2012-13?

Brandon Knight has his work cut out for him in 2012-13. What weaknesses will he have to iron out to make Detroit a competitive team next season?

How high is Greg Monroe's ceiling in 2012-13?

The Detroit Pistons' most promising player has the talent make strides in the coming season. The question is how much his coach or his teammates will involve him in the offense.