I don't care what political race it would be for or what party they run under, but #WallaceAndWallace2020 has my vote, regardless!

Detroit is right at $121.9M, $1.7M below the tax after the Glenn Robinson III signing.


The roster takes into account $5.9M in non-guaranteed money of Reggie Bullock, Eric Moreland and Dwight Buycks. The Pistons should be able to remain the below the tax...

Drummond Putting in Scary Work


Oh, it'll be scary alright, Andre...

Game of Zones - The Isle of Van Gundy


Boban gets more time in this short than he did all season with the Pistons.

Carlisle Supports SVG


The Pistons moved to 26-16 this season with a healthy Jackson after the 113-106 victory over the Mavericks. They are 12-25 without him. "Those numbers basically spell out that if Jackson had been reasonably healthy, (the Pistons) would have been a fourth-seed to an eighth-seed (in the playoffs), for sure. There’s no question about it," Carlisle said.

Canis Hoopus remembers Flip Saunders


The Minnesota Timberwolves will be commemorating the life of Flip Saunders tonight during halftime of their game tonight. Canis Hoopus has a post up on his history and affect on the NBA. He was a lifer and a positive influence on those he contacted as a Coach and GM. Head over for the history lesson, or to share your thoughts (1 day waiting period to post if not already a member).

Insight into SVB's Strategy on Trades


Rod Beard at the Detroit News sheds some light on Bower and SVG's technique and strategies on trades. Spoiler: they center around honesty and secrecy.

Greg Monroe, Celtics agree on 1-year, $5M deal


Celtics now have both Aron Baynes & Greg Monroe. Juggernaut!