Jodie Meeks' house is modest


"Unlock the Swag.............." #enjoyingtheday

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Like one of the comments says: Crib game strong.

Dre & Buddha


New school meets old school. Dre and Buddha at @diadetroit last night

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The Pistons partnered with the DIA in Detroit and these two posed for a picture together. Awesome!

Minimalist Pistons logo


It also comes in the apt teal.

Draymond Green, Eminem featured in Beats by Dre commercial


When I put on my Beats by Dre, I hear this is an omen and Draymond Green is coming to Detroit.

Jennings ahead of rehab schedule


Looks like it will be a competitive training camp, with Reggie Jackson and Spencer Dinwiddie also looking to compete for minutes.

Kim English will be an Assistant Coach at the University of Tulsa


An early transition from playing to coaching, but the former Detroit Piston will be an asset to the Tulsa Golden Hurricane basketball program.



It's been a long time since we've seen a Pistons jersey this deep in the playoffs.

A new "Moose" in town?


Apparently one of Kaminsky's nicknames is Moose. I like the Moose we have, so I'm not sure there's room for 2 Mooses in my heart. Thoughts?

Josh Smith must have a huge heart

From Jonathan Abrams profile on Josh Smith at Grantland. I'm highlighting this quote because it cracked me up, but all snark aside, it's a truly excellent article that gives good insight into Smith's background, why he plays like he does and what he thinks about all the criticism lobbed his way. Give it a read.

Will David Falk steer Moose away from Boston?


Monroe, too, might be out of the Celtics’ reach. (Another factor: Monroe is represented by David Falk, who also has Jared Sullinger. Think he wants to put them both on the same roster?)

Sean Deveney of Sporting News thinks it could happen. That said, I don't think Falk will pass up max money just to keep another client happy.