Canis Hoopus remembers Flip Saunders


The Minnesota Timberwolves will be commemorating the life of Flip Saunders tonight during halftime of their game tonight. Canis Hoopus has a post up on his history and affect on the NBA. He was a lifer and a positive influence on those he contacted as a Coach and GM. Head over for the history lesson, or to share your thoughts (1 day waiting period to post if not already a member).

Insight into SVB's Strategy on Trades


Rod Beard at the Detroit News sheds some light on Bower and SVG's technique and strategies on trades. Spoiler: they center around honesty and secrecy.

Greg Monroe, Celtics agree on 1-year, $5M deal


Celtics now have both Aron Baynes & Greg Monroe. Juggernaut!

Porzingis vs. Jerebko.


Porzingis' dunk is awesome, but watch our man Jerebko. Is that a flop that's so weak he decided to give up on it? Oh, gosh.

SVG 2015 coaching clinic notes on defending the high pick & roll


"Great stuff here from Detroit Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy on defending the high pick & roll (notes taken from Van Gundy’s appearance at 2015 Coaching U Live)."

The Flaw In The Pistons' Mega-Scouting Approach


"While Van Gundy & Co. are correctly identifying role players who do help make a difference, the Pistons are way overpaying for their services."

Interview with GR Drive Head Coach Rob Werdann [podcast]


"[Werdann] discusses his moves throughout the professional ranks, including previously serving as an assistant with the Idaho Stampede and serving as a professional scout for the past three years for the Detroit Pistons."

Silent G Gets Cut


He won't be winning a ring this season.

Laimbeer gets new job


Bill Laimbeer news is important news.