Andre Drummond wanted to play in Orlando Summer League


He certainly doesn't need the game experience, but you have to love his desire to get out on the court. Can you imagine Drummond going up against a bunch of NBA D-Leaguers? Austin Daye summer league domination times a billion.

Cartier Martin has a 2-year deal

Vincent Goodwill also reports the second year is a player option. No word yet on terms -- I'm guessing it's the vet minimum. Does this change your opinion on the deal? (h/t PistonPowered).

George David was fired, per report


Out in Piston-land, George David did not resign as long-time assistant GM. Right-hand man to Joe Dumars was canned, according to sources. It's Stan Van Gundy's empire and he overpaid Jody Meeks by about $8 million with his $19 million free-agent deal. But you can do that kind of crazy spending for 3-point shooting when you're king.

Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News (h/t DBB reader bonerici)

Kyrie Irving, Cavs agree to max extension


5 years, $90 million.

The Pistons lost a lot of money in 2013-14.


The basketball side of the Nets’ business is projected to have lost $144 million over the 2013-14 season, according to a confidential memo the league sent to all 30 teams in early June. (Grantland has reviewed and verified the memo with a half-dozen sources.) If that strikes you as out of whack, that’s because it is. The NBA expects nine teams will end up having lost money once luxury-tax distribution and revenue-sharing payments are finalized. The Nets, with that monster $144 million figure, are the biggest losers. Next in line? The Wizards, with projected losses of about $13 million. That’s right: The Nets lost $131 million more than any other NBA team last season. This is what happens when you pay $90 million in luxury tax for an aging roster and play in a market so large you are ineligible to receive any revenue-sharing help. It’s important to note that the figures here stem from basketball activities only, and do not appear to include benefits the Nets and Prokhorov get from their ownership stake in the Barclays Center. .... The Bobcats and Pistons would be dead without revenue sharing, and they’re expected to end up in the red even with it. Charlotte is projected to lose nearly $34 million in basketball operations, and its monster estimated $22 million revenue-sharing check can’t make up for that. Ditto for Detroit’s $26 million loss and estimated $10.6 million revenue-sharing get.

Pistons have list of 10 ready for July 1


Even though I am thinking about Summer League, SVG is thinking FA. Who do you think is on the list of 10?

Undrafted Free Agents That Should be Targeted


Just sharing the link, I'd be lying if I said I knew all these guys, add in the comments any you'd like to see us target. Bring on Bader!!!

A silky ballerina halfback


"Silky. That's the best way I can describe Dinwiddie's game. It's like watching someone in a speed-ramped Guy Ritchie movie do the worm and then punch a dude in the jaw. ... He's not so much a guard as he is a ballerina halfback with a panty-droppin' mustache and a respectable collection of leggings."

76ers blogger and all-around funny guy Michael Levin

Andre Drummond Signs With Brand Jordan


Looks like DBB will sport some new kicks. Andre Drummond signs with Brand Jordan.