101.5's Matt Derry talk's Pistons Draft with Sean Deveny from the Sporting News


Biggest bombshell, Deveny says SVG is looking for a sign and trade for Greg Monroe.

How about this?


SF and Seattle are my favorite.

Pistons Drop Out of the Top Ten in Greatest Net Margin


Thanks to the '14 Spurs, who posted the greatest net margin among Finals winners ever, the '04 Work Boys are juuust outside the top ten for largest net margin of victory. Also somebody in the comments noticed both Pistons Finals losses, and mentioned they're a rare team that has outscored its opponent in all Finals ... both '05 and '88 had negative nets for the winners.

Potential D-League Coaching Canidates


Pistons Palace writer Joe Dexter gives his picks for who could be coaching the Grand Rapids Drive/Chairmen/Blue Racers/other name.

Luigi Datome signs endorsement deal with Adidas


Anyone read Italian?

Andre Drummond vs Thomas Robinson: college narrative vs NBA reality


Saw this on everyone's favorite website, RealGM. It's an excerpt from Jonathan Tjarks's book about the NBA draft. I post it here because he gives a neat assessment of Andre Drummond and how scouts were looking at the wrong things, allowing him to slip to #9 in the draft. Here's a bit I really liked: "If [Drummond] were an NFL prospect, the draft conversation around him would be much different. The NFL scouts would have taken one look at him in the combine and lost their mind - Drummond had measurables as good as any prospect coming into the NBA in the last generation." Yeah. We have that guy.

Rockets decline Chandler Parsons option


The Rockets are going after a big FA this summer (nothing unusual) and to do this they have to let Chandler float around in RFA. I honestly don't know if this is good for the Pistons, but its out there.