Josh Smith on playing with Drummond and Monroe


Fun Rankings: We're No. 9! We're No. 9!


"You can't possibly watch every NBA game and pay attention to every NBA team. This guide will help you figure out where you should prioritize your basketball attention span." (Spoiler: the Pistons are No. 9.)

Mo talks Billups, Mitchell's playing time, more


Mo's postgame comments following the Pistons' 99-96 win over the Wizards, courtesy of Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press.

Bill Simmons picks Pistons to finish 12th, Jalen Rose agrees


Grantland clip. Call for the Pistons to finish 5th or 6th in the East.

Drummond on Detroit's Big 3


"We (Drummond, Monroe, and Smith) all can pretty much do the same thing. Josh obviously shoots the three but can also bring the ball up the floor and create for the other players. Greg’s passing of the ball and can create off the block…the same with me as I can create for people off the block. I can just grab rebounds, block shots, and dunk everything I get my hands on. It is just fun. We have never played with each other before even for Greg and me. We are figuring it out and it is all starting to come together."


Mo Cheeks: Domestic violence investigation 'an embarrassment'


"No. 1, there’s always a little bit of embarrassment when something like that happens, right or wrong, there’s always some embarrassment," Cheeks said Saturday at the Pistons practice facility. "For myself, who has always prided himself on being a high character person, it definitely is an embarrassment. But it happened, right or wrong, and I’m moving on."

Via Vince Ellis in the Detroit Free Press

Pistons exercise 2014-15 option on Andre Drummond


File this under, "well, yeah, of course." This was a formality, and I'm only posting to be comprehensive. Move along, nothing to see here.

Andre Drummond: The Story


Where else but Grantland can you find such good sports writing? Hat Tip to Johnathan Abrams. If this article is any indication, his upcoming book on the prep-pro generation should be excellent!

Awesome vintage Pistons jacket

Click here to see the front.

I remember these as a kid -- I never actually owned one, but I might have to start poking around for an XXL now. Does anyone have any cool memorabilia that can top this? Post your pics in the comments.

(Originally spotted on /r/DetroitPistons.)

So long Corey Maggette, you were ... here?


Corey Maggette got cut by the Spurs, says he's going to retire. Another former Piston is..... oh what the hell it was Maggette, I can't wax poetic about Corey Maggette.