The Mailbag Announces The Full Pistons Coaching Staff


Henry Bibby, John Loyer, Maz Trakh, Rasheed Wallace, and Bernard Smith. Impressed?

Possible Training Camp Invites?


This is from a few days ago. So I wonder, With a full roster and all guaranteed, why would they bring in Reggie Hamilton and Manny Harris? Reggie Hamilton a 5-11 24 yr old PG is currently with the Idaho Stampede and Manny Harris, the former Wolverine SG last saw basketball action last year with Asohmash in the Ukraine.

Maybe BJ7 Should Get Out Of LA For Awhile


First he got slapped in the Drew League, now The Game punches him in the face? Brandon come to Detroit, and leave all that Ratchedness behind.

Who is the 397th best player in the NBA? You just have to know!


The point of clicking this is not so much the player at #397, but rather the supportive tweet they link...

A Glimpse at Josh Smith's Role?


Perry Farrell at the FREEP reports that Josh Smith has been working with Rasheed. "You don’t want him doing things he’s not used to doing,’’ Wallace said. "We’re trying to get him comfortable making the 15- to 18-foot jump shot.’’ Translation: we can't ask him to shoot jumpshots unless he practices shooting jumpshots.

Villaneuva loses 250K to Tate George in Ponzi scheme


After he testified that the loss of $250,000 "hurt" him, Villanueva told the Trentonian on the way out of the courthouse that it hurt him personally to be conned by a fellow UConn athlete. "And it’s $250,000!" he told the paper. "That could have gone to my son’s education." Too bad that UConn scholarship didn't offer him more courses in financial planning.



Am I the only one seeing the comparison?? I guess we can only hope that Dre-dre Drummond continues to improve in leaps and bounds and establish himself as one of the dominant centers in the league. If he can produce a career similar to that of the great Bob Lanier who knows how far this Piston team can go!

Drunken Moose on a tear in Sweden


Apparently Greg Monroe is visiting Jonas Jerebko?

Mo Cheeks won't be charged


Detroit Pistons coach Maurice Cheeks will not be charged in a domestic incident that occurred Aug. 30 in Birmingham, Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper told the Free Press today. [...] Cooper said the witness in the investigation was uncooperative with prosecutors and refused to press charges. "She left the state and refused to cooperate," Cooper said.

From the Detroit Free Press on Friday | Original story