I'll squint as hard as you want


I normally don't like their stuff, and this kind of seems like a reach, but it would be TOTALLY WICKED!!!!

The Basketball Jones comes to NBA TV #TheStarters


Having listened to The Basketball Jones since before their 10th episode, seeing this is absolutely unreal. JE Skeets, Tas Melas, Trey Kerby and crew are no longer The Basketball Jones, but "The Starters" on NBA TV.

Open Scrimmage Planning


I've got a small group of friends planning on going to this. I'm trying to figure out how early we'd have to get there for courtside seats. What do you folks think?

Chauncy Billups on his role with the Pistons


"I’ll tell you what: I’ll always consider myself to be a starter and a point guard," Billups said. "Since then we’ve upgraded that spot. (Jennings is) a fantastic young player. I’m not here to be a star. I had my 15 minutes of fame, enjoyed it. But I do feel I can be very effective in whatever position Coach puts me in."

Vincent Goodwill with the Detroit News.

ESPN's preseason power rankings have Pistons in East's top 8


The East is super top heavy, and then it's us and the Wizards replacing Boston and Milwaukee.

Richer, Fatter Iverson


DeMarcus Cousins has reached agreement on a four-year, $62 million maximum contract extension with the Sacramento Kings, a league source told Yahoo Sports. Cousins deal will include no early termination option, which could've been possible after the third year of the deal, a source said. After resisting the idea of giving Cousins a max deal without conditions in the contract, the Kings finally relented and gave the talented, but temperamental young center the offer he and his agents, Dan Fegan and Jarrin Akana, had sought in negotiations.

The Mailbag Announces The Full Pistons Coaching Staff


Henry Bibby, John Loyer, Maz Trakh, Rasheed Wallace, and Bernard Smith. Impressed?

Possible Training Camp Invites?


This is from a few days ago. So I wonder, With a full roster and all guaranteed, why would they bring in Reggie Hamilton and Manny Harris? Reggie Hamilton a 5-11 24 yr old PG is currently with the Idaho Stampede and Manny Harris, the former Wolverine SG last saw basketball action last year with Asohmash in the Ukraine.

Maybe BJ7 Should Get Out Of LA For Awhile


First he got slapped in the Drew League, now The Game punches him in the face? Brandon come to Detroit, and leave all that Ratchedness behind.

Who is the 397th best player in the NBA? You just have to know!


The point of clicking this is not so much the player at #397, but rather the supportive tweet they link...