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Bill Laimbeer feminized?


Kate Fagan from ESPN W publishes a good read about why Bill Laimbeer has found success in the WNBA and how those same qualities keep him from coaching in the NBA.

Drummond Leads the Way


Per Vincent Goodwill at the Detroit News, Andre Drummond is ready to take a leadership role on the team after only one year, and at only 20 years old. He also says the Pistons haven't had this many players in the gym this early since... 2004. Gotta love it when your best players are also your leaders.

Now that the Horse has been dead for years.


More evidence that Joe never should have blown up the 2004 Pistons. Good teams stay good and tanking rarely works.

Drunken moose gang menaces Stockholm resident


Get ready for the season of drunken moose. As ripe fruit falls from the trees and ferments on the ground, it is time for some of Sweden’s most majestic wild animals to act in a most un-regal manner. One home owner east of Stockholm, the capital, has already been confronted by a mob of boozed-up moose. The five animals, feasting on rotten windfalls, "were threatening" and refused to let him into his garden. "Sensibly enough the (moose) left the scene when police arrived," writes Albin Näverberg on Stockholm police’s website. To prevent further moose booze-binges the home owner, who lives in Värmdö, east of Stockholm, was advised to remove the apples from his yard. "The (moose) will have to get drunk somewhere else," writes Näverberg.

I'm a pretty big deal


The 266th follower is the best follower.



Statistical and Synergy Analysis from Hickory-High says that Jorts is not just a fringe NBA bench big. Did Joe D snag another diamond in the rough? Will Cheeks give him a chance to shine? "Whichever way you slice it, Harrellson’s fringe player label is inaccurate for someone of his proficiency. Detroit now possesses what is likely a diamond in the rough, found on the outskirts of professional basketball. Now it’s up to the Pistons to give Jorts a chance, and for the big man to show he belongs."

Luckiest Man Alive


Dude, seriously? His girl let their wedding be like that? Totally awesome sauce.