GQ's Bethlehem Shoals on the Pistons' new lefties


I do one thing left handed ... I've said too much already. Anyways an interesting take that can be interpreted as positive? I think....

Creative Detroit: 7 Success Stories for a City on the Rise


I don't ever share my work on TheCoolist here on DetroitBadBoys, but I felt this was a pretty relevant article. If you have motor city pride like I do, I figured you might appreciate a positive take on the city that has taken a whole lot of hits lately...

Pistons Offer Lead Assistant Position To Lionel Hollins; Offer Rejected :(


Former Piston Corliss Williamson To Join Kings' Coaching Staff


He was a member of the 2003-04 squad. He played four seasons with the PIstons from 2000-01 through 2003-04. GP 266, GS 17, PPG 12.1, RPG 3.4. In 2003-04 GP 79, GS 0, MP 19.9 PPG 9.5, RPG 3.2.

It's OK to be excited now.


Hey, you know what? I agree. It's scary. The numbers indicate that these guys will need to do things they've never done before in order to be successful. But, they are doing something they've never done before. They're playing together. This team has never existed in the past, so the numbers, though meaningful, must be taken with a grain of salt if we want to make reasonable projections. The sheer number of above-average passers alone will alter how this offense works. Maybe talent will win out. At this point, I just think it will. I think they're a 4-5 seed in the East. Of course, if we can somehow trade Stuckey and a draft pick for Wilson Chandler and Anthony Randolph, I'd feel even better ...

NBA Free Agency Bonanza- PART 3 (THE BRANDON JENNINGS DEBACLE+Pekovic and Robinson)


A month after free agency opened up, Brandon Jennings finally found a new home: The Detroit Pistons. In a deal that will send point guard Brandon Knight to the Milwaukee Bucks, the Pistons have completed their monster offseason overhaul and look poised to claim a top 5 s

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heard about this site from Dre Drummond... nice site!

Daye to Raptors


2-year deal with raptors



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