I haven't been on here in forever, but I had to share this haha

BDL on Brandon Jennings coming to the Pistons


Another good Ball Don't Lie piece about the Pistons acquisition of Brandon Jennings.

Interesting story on Josh Smith's prospects with the Pistons


Ball Don't Lie did a nice piece that I thought everyone would get a kick out of.

Report: Pistons interested in C Jason Collins


The Detroit Pistons have expressed exploratory interest in signing free-agent center Jason Collins.

Muhammad Sent Home From Rookie Orientation


The sock on the door was a dead giveaway. This just makes me even happier that Dumars didn't draft him.

Jennings news conference streamed at 2 p.m. today


And you thought Zach Lowe hated Greg Monroe's defense


Grantland's Zach Lowe has ruffled some feathers by calling out Greg Monroe's defensive deficiencies and questioning whether he is a max player. Well, he puts a hot spotlight on DeMarcus Cousins and what he is worth and it gets pretty ugly: "How talented can a player be when there is something like universal agreement that he is a big, stinking minus when his team does not have the ball ... The Kings have ranked 20th, 28th, and 29th in points allowed per possession, respectively, during the last three seasons, and they've been worse with Cousins on the floor in all three, per Cousins is a stout post defender and voracious rebound gobbler, but he has struggled horribly at almost any part of defense that involves him moving around above the charge circle."

GQ's Bethlehem Shoals on the Pistons' new lefties


I do one thing left handed ... I've said too much already. Anyways an interesting take that can be interpreted as positive? I think....

Creative Detroit: 7 Success Stories for a City on the Rise


I don't ever share my work on TheCoolist here on DetroitBadBoys, but I felt this was a pretty relevant article. If you have motor city pride like I do, I figured you might appreciate a positive take on the city that has taken a whole lot of hits lately...