Anyone a fan of Liars?


The band that is. Not the dealers of deception. The theme of their new shirts seems familiar.

New Logo - Proposal


Very amateur work, but this is a follow-up from a conversation between Thelionsareking, Merwinly, and me. It happened in the post debating the New Logo against the Teal Logo (link and transcript in the comments below). I know you all need a bit of imagination to picture a professional version of my proposal. I could be asking to much. Still, I would like to know: what do you think?

Personally, I wish for fish.


So I consider Ish to be something of a means to an end.


+ What? Where is Stanley in the rookie photo shoot?

Met the LeBron stopper last night, Kyle Singler


Went out to dinner last night in Ferndale and Kyle Singler was sitting at the bar and after it took me about 25 minutes to man up to talking to him, I did and snagged this picture with him. You don't realize how tall these guys are till your next to them, and I'm 6'3". Anyways, really nice guy, offered to buy us drinks but sadly I'm not 21. And for those of you wondering, I did ask if he wanted to come back, basically he said it's not up to him, I think he does though, he's spending the summer here.

Josh Smith must have a huge heart

From Jonathan Abrams profile on Josh Smith at Grantland. I'm highlighting this quote because it cracked me up, but all snark aside, it's a truly excellent article that gives good insight into Smith's background, why he plays like he does and what he thinks about all the criticism lobbed his way. Give it a read.

Sad Tayshaun fan can put his jersey back on


H/T DBB commenters, specifically The Boourns and jonathan.onne .

You down wit' KCP?


You down wit' KCP?