Starting lineup set for opening night


@Keith_Langlois: SVG confirms Morris & Ilyasova starters on opening night and Blake will be backup PG for #Pistons


Pistons exercise options on Bullock and KCP


@Keith_Langlois: #Pistons exercise options for 2016-17 on KCP, Reggie Bullock. Remarkable: Bullock came to camp on cut bubble and now is locked up next year


Stanley Johnson, Justise Winslow always be competing


It's all competitive on the floor, but when we go back to the hotel, we're going to play FIFA, and that's going to be competitive.

Justise Winslow, via MLIVE

Draft day with Stanley Johnson


"I can’t compare myself to any player. They’re doing their craft, and I’m doing my craft. We might use the same colors but we’re not painting the same thing."

Stanley Johnson, from Martin Rickman's all-access feature for UPROXX / Dime Magazine on draft day.

Stanley Johnson is confident


"I can move all over the court. I can start a game at three, two or four, and I can be the primary ballhandler in any pick-and-roll or any two-man situation. And on defense I’m gonna play hard. I’m gonna play smart and I’m a nasty competitor. I don’t think there’s many guys out there who want to compete as hard as I do."

"I’ll be a great character in the locker room, a great leader on the team and I think no team can have enough people with great attitudes.

Stanley Johnson, as told to (hat-tip:

Will David Falk steer Moose away from Boston?


Monroe, too, might be out of the Celtics’ reach. (Another factor: Monroe is represented by David Falk, who also has Jared Sullinger. Think he wants to put them both on the same roster?)

Sean Deveney of Sporting News thinks it could happen. That said, I don't think Falk will pass up max money just to keep another client happy.

LeBron James likes Reggie Jackson


"They have some very good pieces. I think Reggie Jackson helps them out a lot, brings them another attack guy that can push the ball. Obviously with (Andre) Drummond and (Greg) Monroe, it's a good test for us."

LeBron James via The Detroit News

Former Pistons big man lands in Puerto Rico


Tony Mitchell signed in Puerto Rico with Atleticos de San German, according to sources.

via Sportando

Stan Van Gundy thinks highly of Pistons defense


No, our defense is terrible. It really is, it’s terrible.

Stan Van Gundy

Corner 3s > Corner No. 2s.


We use the Potty Watch. It’s a watch that has the timer on it and it beeps—I don’t know how it knows but it knows—when the kid should have to go to the restroom and they go and sit on the toilet and they get used to going. The funny thing is my youngest, now 3-year-old Gia, said "Dad, I went to the potty! I did it! I did it!" And I go to clean it up and I said "Where did you go?" She went in the corner. She went, but she just went anywhere in the house. That was the funniest moment.

From Caron Butler's Q&A with