"Do you know what’s wrong with this team? It’s that (bleep) right there," Dantley said, pointing to the other side of the dressing room. "I hate that (bleep)." I followed his finger and it led to team captain Isiah Thomas’ corner dressing stall.

Terry Foster via the Detroit News. Terry was the beat writer for the Pistons during the Bad Boys era and will be writing a story about the Bad Boys each day until the reunion on March 28.

What? No.


1. Detroit Pistons: The big three in the frontcourt is not working. They can't afford big extensions for Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond after giving Josh Smith his contract. Something's got to be done. My favorite trade idea is Wilson Chandler, Andre Miller, and Kenneth Faried from Denver for Rodney Stuckey and Monroe.

A trade idea (not an actual rumor) from Matt Moore of CBS Sports

Rodney Stuckey no longer dizzy


Rodney Stuckey went through practice and seemed healthy Monday. The reserve guard was limited to 12 minutes after complaining of dizziness in the Pistons' loss Wednesday to Cleveland. Previously: Stuckey leaves game with dizziness.

John Loyer yells a lot


"I don’t know what we’re going to do in second halves, because he’s always losing his voice in the first half. We’re going to have to help him coach a little bit in second halves — with his press conferences after games, too."

- Chauncey Billups (via Freep)

Josh Smith taking pointers from Kyle Singler


"I’m always learning," Smith said Monday after a long practice. "I don’t care how many years I play this game, I’ll still be a student of the game. And it doesn’t matter if I’m a 10-year veteran watching a second-year player, it’s a foreign position."

Vince Ellis, Detroit Free Press

Mo Cheeks is "Reverend Obama"


A running nickname several of the Pistons players have given Maurice Cheeks is "Reverend Obama," comparing him to President Barack Obama, his fellow Chicagoan.

Vincent Goodwill of the Detroit News

Drummond on Detroit's Big 3


"We (Drummond, Monroe, and Smith) all can pretty much do the same thing. Josh obviously shoots the three but can also bring the ball up the floor and create for the other players. Greg’s passing of the ball and can create off the block…the same with me as I can create for people off the block. I can just grab rebounds, block shots, and dunk everything I get my hands on. It is just fun. We have never played with each other before even for Greg and me. We are figuring it out and it is all starting to come together."


Mo Cheeks: Domestic violence investigation 'an embarrassment'


"No. 1, there’s always a little bit of embarrassment when something like that happens, right or wrong, there’s always some embarrassment," Cheeks said Saturday at the Pistons practice facility. "For myself, who has always prided himself on being a high character person, it definitely is an embarrassment. But it happened, right or wrong, and I’m moving on."

Via Vince Ellis in the Detroit Free Press

Gores pledges to be visible, plans weekly team meetings


"You will see a lot more of me," Gores said at halftime. He also revealed that he is planning weekly meetings with the front office, the coaching staff and the players for the upcoming season.

From Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press. More: "Pistons owner Tom Gores was in town Thursday night to watch his team face the Miami Heat. He sat courtside at the Palace — right in the middle of the floor across from press row — with his wife Holly and their three children."

Jonas Jerebko will play Thursday


"I knew I was going to hold (out) Jonas," Cheeks said. "He'll play Thursday night and Charlie (Villanueva) probably won't play. You can't play everybody. It would be better to give him more minutes."

Brendan Savage at