Watch the 2004 Pistons play the 2008 Celtics


Have you ever wondered what would happen if the 2004 Pistons played the 2008 Celtics? I honestly can't say that I have, but why not? NBA 2k16 is a must buy for me given the inclusion of the '04 champs, and I have a feeling I'll enjoy putting a beat down on a variety of teams using them.

UFC 191 Embedded Ep 2 feat Pistons


Big PIstons fan and a big UFC/MMA fan. Pretty awesome my two worlds are colliding

Jackson interview


Short interview with Jackson. Kind of interesting he admits having trouble playing with two bigs. Not that we didn't know...

Andre Drummond, Stanley Johnson dominating Drew League


You're going to want to have a change of pants ready.



Thought this would be appropriate today

Stanley Johnson's SLAM interview


Welcome to Detroit, Stan! :kissie_face_emoji:

Draymond Green, Eminem featured in Beats by Dre commercial


When I put on my Beats by Dre, I hear this is an omen and Draymond Green is coming to Detroit.

Andre Drummond goes up for a one-handed oop


Climb that ladder big fella! A nice lob with a better finish.

Reggie Jackson hits a miraculous finger roll from 20 feet out


This might just be one of the craziest shots of the season.

Andre Drummond dunks, flexes vs. Celtics


All of the faces of a really emphatic dunk and subsequent flex.

Get that cuticle, Stan! (H/T ije2112)