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Stanimal's must-read article for Player's Tribune

Stanley Johnson took the time to pen a wonderfully written piece at The Player's Tribune looking back at his rookie year.

Stanley Johnson changes jersey number

Johnson goes from No. 3 to No. 7 out of respect for Ben Wallace's retired number.

Roc Nation Sports reps Ellenson and Gbinije

Before the Pistons drafted both Henry Ellenson and Michael Gbinije, the two rookies already had their ties.

Henry Ellenson is a trick shot master

Move over, Dude Perfect! You won't believe the tricks this guy can pull off.

Ben Wallace says '04 starters 'best 5 still alive'

Chris Douglas-Roberts and several other players partook in a minicamp run by the Pistons over the past week. That and more in this week's Roundup.

Andre Drummond viciously blocks little kid's shot

Drummond had to teach a kid from Denmark the harsh reality of American exceptionalism.

VIDEO: Andre Drummond does cricket

Andre Drummond goes to England for a chat and lesson with some cricket stars.

Jim Harbaugh wearing an Allen Iverson jersey...

At least it's not a Pistons A.I. jersey.

Reggie with the slam-dunk tweet after Thunder lose

Reggie's took a victory lap on Twitter after Thunder lose to Warriors in Game 7.

Who will sponsor Pistons jerseys in 2017-2018?

StubHub and the 76ers created the first NBA jersey ad partnership. In fact, the first jersey ad deal in the four major sports in North America. Who will the Pistons choose?

Terry Stotts shouts out Sheed

"Both teams played hard."

Gores, Gilbert teaming up for Detroit MLS team

Tom Gores, an infrequent tweeter, had a small Twitteraction with Dan Gilbert that fanned rumors that the two are going in together to bring an MLS team to downtown Detroit.

Gabrielle Union says Jackson is right about refs

Dwyane Wade's wife was not happy about the officiating in Game 4 of the Heat-Hornets series and she used Reggie Jackson to support her thoughts.

LeBron James AIRBALL

So in his head.

Featured Fanshot

Jackson on 0-3 deficit: Why not us?

The Pistons have certainly shown the ability to stick with the League's best, so could they steal one at home against the Cavs?

KCP's huge dunk with LBJ unsuccessfully tailing

How about this dunk, though?

J.R. Smith doesn't want Marcus Morris to do that

"Don't do that."

Dre gave 'championship' effort, scored for Cavs

Mark Jackson said he was giving championship effort and then Stan Van Gundy didn't like the effort.

Pistons bring back the fire for player intros

In their first home playoff game in seven years, The Palace brought the fire.

LeBron James has no chill after monster dunk

Somebody start a GoFundMe for Reggie Bullock.

LeBron bumps into Stanley Johnson during timeout

Right after Stanley bodied him up and sank a three.

SVG got 'screwed' on SI's most fashionable list

Keeping things light before Game 2.

Reggie Jackson rocks 'Dirtroit' hat after Game 1

Detroit Piston wearing a Detroit company's hat. Get your hands dirty.

Featured Fanshot

Detroit & Toronto vs. Everybody

Raptors coach Dwayne Casey used Stan Van Gundy as a way to take a shot at the officiating. Toronto's series against the Indiana Pacers is tied 1-1.

ABC used Dinwiddie's image for KCP


The national anthem was a win in Game 1

This was cool. The Palace would probably do it cooler, though.

Featured Fanshot

Important Reminder: LeBron James has more playoff experience than Stanley Johnson

Despite his matchup having more playoff experience, Stanley Johnson looked like a post-season natural during Detroit's close Game 1 loss.

Watch: Stan Van Gundy calls out LeBron, refs

The Notorious SVG doesn't hold anything back during mid-game interview.

Send Kobe off with some hate

Sheed don't lie in it.

Pistons post funny video poking fun at fan airball

Pistons say 'good job, good effort' to fan with a good video. Now go buy some tickets.

A lot has happened since last playoff appearance

It has been seven years since the Pistons last made the Playoffs. A lot has happened during that time. Let's take a look at some of those things.

Unlocking the secret of Hinkie resignation letter

Combing through 13 pages of references to philosophers, bankers, investors and celebrities to find the truth.