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Open Threads

Your off day open thread

The trade deadline is Thursday, February 20 at 3 p.m. ET. Will the Pistons make a deal? Perhaps we'll have a better idea after the next two games against the Charlotte Bobcats. How will those games go? Your Monday thoughts go here.

Rising Stars, All-Star weekend open thread

Andre Drummond participates in Friday night's Rising Stars Challenge, leading off a weekend of All-Star activity. This is your 2014 NBA All-Star weekend open thread. Talk amongst yourselves.

Who would be on your Pistons Mount Rushmore?

LeBron James said he would belong on a hypothetical NBA Mount Rushmore by the time he's done with his career, which naturally got me to thinking -- who would go on the Detroit Pistons' Mount Rushmore?

Your off-day open thread

Let's get together in one place and discuss the Pistons, winners of three straight. That's called a winning streak.