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Detroit Pistons Player Previews

Detroit Pistons Player Previews

The Detroit Pistons are in Year 3 of a major rebuild and starting to feel some optimism. Will that optimism lead to a better product and more wins on the court? We shall see. But in the meantime, we get to witness the continued growth of Cade Cunningham, Saddiq Bey, Isaiah Stewart, Killian Hayes and how two new rookies Jalen Duren and Jaden Ivey add to the restoration.

Saddiq Bey is a player the Pistons can trust

Analyzing Bey’s 2022-23 season outlook

Jalen Duren has to grow up before he glows up

The Detroit Pistons’ 18-year-old center must learn to play the position to become a centerpiece

Alec Burks is aging like fine wine

Alec Burks will play a critical role on a team that finished last in the NBA in field goal efficiency

Isaiah Stewart is ready to stretch the limits

Beef Stew’s work ethic has endeared him to fans, but as he enters year 3, he will need to make some improvements to his game to show why he is a building block.

Bojan Bogdanovic is still one of the game’s best 3-point shooters

It’s been years since the Detroit Pistons had a player who combined volume, efficiency and consistency from the perimeter like Bojan Bodanovic has done. But will he enjoy the same open shots and success in Detroit as he did in Utah?

Nerlens Noel is in Detroit to protect the paint and to be Jalen Duren’s ‘Looper’

Noel’s role is clear, but his playing time is anything but. However, even if he’s not on the floor, he can take the young Jalen Duren under his wing

Marvin Bagley will be Detroit’s X-Factor

Entering his fifth season, Bagley finally has a team willing to let him play to his strengths and continue getting better

Cory Joseph is always there when you need him

Joseph is never the main attraction, but he’s OK playing away from the spotlight

Hamidou Diallo’s time is now to be part of the Pistons’ future

Hamidou Diallo enters the final year of his contract on the outside of the rotation

Jerami Grant can carry the load, but he needs help

Jerami Grant looks to build on a strong 2020-21 season.

Isaiah Stewart is ready for more ... of everything

"Beef Stew" blew away almost every expectation heading into his rookie year, but what can he do for an encore?

Cade Cunningham’s versatility is his greatest weapon

Cunningham doesn’t fit neatly into any box, and he’s in Detroit to set a new standard for himself and the Pistons franchise

Cory Joseph is your reality-based point guard

On a team of young players and wishful thinking, the 10-year vet will provide consistency, leadership and steady production

Killian Hayes’ story remains unwritten

After a rocky rookie season, what does the Pistons’ longest-tenured player need to show in 2021-22?

Saddiq Bey is never satisfied

Pistons wing isn’t content to simply be a great 3-point shooter, Saddiq Bey has spent the offseason looking to add versatility to his game

Kelly Olynyk brings a better, modern fit to the young Pistons

Meet the new center opposing fans will love to hate

Hamidou Diallo is reaching for the next level of his game

Diallo is an ultra-athletic wing who figures to play significant minutes for the Pistons this season.

Frank Jackson is here to chew bubble gum and shoot 3s, and he’s all out of bubble gum

Meet Wayne Ellington 2.0, now 10 years younger

Josh Jackson has always been a scorer, but can he be a mentor?

Year two of the Josh Jackson reclamation project brings new challenges for the homegrown high school standout.

Trey Lyles will make you happy he’s there when you need him

You won’t have to think much about Lyles, and that’s a feature and not a bug

Saben Lee cruisin’ to deliver bruisins

Saben has to jump a level to be a factor this year— fortunately, he’s an EXCELLENT leaper

Isaiah Livers will provide an all-around boost to the bench

Livers shot the 3 ball well, and he shot it a lot. But he can also play the pick-and-pop game, defend well and provide effort.

Luka Garza will go from myth to mere mortal

Garza grew a cult following in Summer League, but there will be plenty of growing pains during his rookie season

Rodney McGruder’s impact will be felt behind the scenes

On a team full of young, rising players, McGruder is in Detroit to show them what it means to be professional

Killian Hayes Player Preview: Is the point guard of the future finally the point guard of the present?

The young guard possess many skills to flourish in Dwane Casey’s system, but also enough shortcomings to strangle it

Blake Griffin Player Preview: A great scorer, great competitor, great leader stuck on a team that could never be great — for now

The owner of one of the most spectacular individual performances in Pistons history might be up to shining for us again… for a while.

Saddiq Bey Season Preview: Ready to defend and shoot on day one, Bey could become a Dwane Casey favorite

Bey has skills that should let him see the floor, but he can still grow many areas of his game as he gets used to NBA action

Mason Plumlee Player Preview: Teaching the youth the little things

Plumlee has the potential to be a nice example for the Pistons’ younger players in learning the NBA game

Saben Lee Player Preview: Another second-round pick waiting for his opportunity

Saben is not a stranger to Pistons head coach Dwane Casey

Deividas Sirvydis Player Preview: Breaking down his game from someone who saw him up close

28 videos featuring more than 100 plays that showcase everything Sirvydis has to offer

Derrick Rose Player Preview: From MVP to mentor, Rose is here to help a roster of rookies

Still an instant source of offense, the 13-year veteran has a new role with these Pistons

Josh Jackson Player Preview: There’s No Place Like Home

The Pistons hope Jackson’s homecoming portends his ascension