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The Close Out

The Close Out breaks down Pistons' game film every week so hardcore Pistons fans can learn more about the common sets, plays and actions that Detroit runs on a regular basis. We also highlight odd plays and keep track of emerging trends.

The Close Out: Carving out a role for Blake Griffin

We take a look at how best to use Blake Griffin moving forward checking out film from his season so far

The Close Out: A closer look at Isaiah Stewart’s defense

The results have been mixed, but there’s reason for optimism.

The Close Out: A closer look at Killian Hayes, Mason Plumlee and Josh Jackson in Detroit’s wild week 1

Matt Way attempts to make sense of the Pistons’ bizarre start to the season.

Commitment to the offensive glass could separate Pistons from the pack

The Pistons own the best rebounder on the planet - it’s time to build off that.

The Close Out: A season’s worth of negative Pistons trends (Ch.2)

Rounding out the trends that defined a doomed Pistons’ season.

The Close Out: A season’s worth of negative Pistons trends (Ch. 1)

Visiting the why and how of the Pistons’ 43 losses.

The Close Out: A season’s worth of positive Pistons trends

Reviewing the handful of noteworthy on-court accomplishments of the Detroit Pistons.

The Close Out: Pistons running out the clock on the season

Detroit will finish below .500 for the ninth time in the past ten seasons.

The Close Out: Reggie Jackson shows his importance to Pistons in 4-0 week

The Pistons are now 6-1 since Jackson rejoined the team.

The Close Out: Pistons bounce back but it’s too little, too late

Detroit goes 3-1 last week but the postseason remains the longest of long-shots.

The Close Out: Pistons made watching basketball a chore

Detroit goes 0-3, and drifts further into Detroit sports apathy.

The Close Out: Pistons shouldn’t worry about what the rest of the league is doing

Detroit is all in on the Griffin-Drummond duo, and have no choice but to play to their strengths.

The Close Out: Another lost season brewing in Detroit

A 1-3 record last week puts the Pistons four games back of Miami for the final playoff spot.

The Close Out: Back to the drawing board

Detroit’s ugly showing after the All-Star break doesn’t bode well for the remainder of the season.

The Close Out: Are the days of Andre Drummond missing All Star Games over?

His numbers certainly suggest so but, sometimes, it’s not always about the numbers.

The Close Out: Blake Griffin’s impact is only starting to be felt in Detroit

Griffin’s fingerprint is already stamped on every Pistons’ possession, but it’s just the start.

The Close Out: A new beginning, starring Blake Griffin

Detroit snaps eight game losing streak and goes 3-0 after acquiring Blake Griffin.

The Close Out: Detroit’s season is slipping away

The losing streak hits eight, and Detroit will try to regroup during an upcoming homestand.

The Close Out: Everything you need to know moving forward (about the Pistons)

Detroit is a little bit past the halfway mark on the season and we’re here to fill you in on the details.

The Close Out: Bitter last minute losses lowlight Detroit’s week

Two heartbreaking defeats could’ve been avoided had the Pistons zigged when they should’ve zagged.

The Close Out: A peek into Bradley’s rough return to the lineup

Avery Bradley returned this week from a groin injury but his jump shot didn’t make the trip.

The Close Out: Pistons winning with league leftovers

Detroit—already down Avery Bradley—lost Reggie Jackson this week but borderline journeymen are saving the day (season?).

The Close Out: Anthony Tolliver remains an unsung hero

Taking a closer look into Tolliver’s defense against Kristaps Porzingis.

The Close Out: New lineups and rotations help end seven game skid

The Pistons are streaking again. After dropping seven straight, they’ve won three in a row.

The Close Out: Six game Pistons losing streak have you nervous? Don’t be.

It was a rough week for the Pistons, but they’re still playing quality ball.

The Close Out: A critical look at Avery Bradley’s defense

Avery Bradley is hailed as one of the best defenders at his position, but two ugly aspects of his defensive game keep coming up

The Close Out: Pistons lost chance for local cred by getting blown out by Cavs

Blowouts happen, but this one hurt for one particular reason.

The Close Out: Drummond is not a point-center (and that’s ok!)

The label "point-center" is being thrown around and I don’t like it.

The Close Out: How bench play and ball movement have supercharged the Pistons

Breaking down game film to find the highlights and the lowlights from the Pistons’ playbook