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The Kool Aide Stand: 2018 Player Preview Series

The Kool Aid Stand: Bruce Brown Jr. is going to make some plays

The Kool-Aid Stand: Stanley Johnson is poised to finally break out

His defense has kept him relevant. But this will be the year his offense finally comes around. Hopefully.

The Kool-Aid Stand: Dwane Casey and the beauty of a new hand

Casey got oh so close with Toronto but now he’s been given a freshly dealt new set of cards.

The Kool-Aid Stand: Zaza Pachulia and the art of being a dependable situational center

Yes, I believe Zaza can still do this.

The Kool-Aid Stand: All aboard the Jon Leuer hype train — ample seating still available

Jon Leuer isn’t the player you think he is — he’s a highly skilled big man who can do everything but hit 3-pointers.

The Kool-Aid Stand: Meet Ish Smith, three point shooter

The Pistons’ backup shot the ball better than ever late last season.

The Kool-Aid Stand: Langston Galloway is a born bucket getter who has a coach looking for players who can get buckets

A parched offense should find room for a 3-point gunner thirsty for shots.

The Kool-Aid Stand: If you like cool shoes, Langston Galloway is your guy

He was supposed to have a role with the team last season, but he lost Stan Van Gundy’s trust and didn’t see the court much.

The Kool-Aid Stand: New Blake Griffin, who dis?

This ain’t your slightly older brother’s Blake Griffin.

The Kool-Aid Stand: A healthy Reggie Jackson will be the key to Pistons success

Reggie Jackson and "healthy" have not been used in the same sentence the last couple seasons, but the Pistons are a better team when their point guard plays.

The Kool-Aid Stand: You and I both know Glenn Robinson III should start

An athletic play-finisher who can shoot is exactly what the Pistons need - Why are we kidding ourselves?

The Kool-Aid Stand: Reggie Bullock will put the NBA on notice

The Kool-Aid Stand: Luke Kennard will close the gap between him and Donovan Mitchell

On the offensive side of the ball, at least.

The Kool-Aid Stand: Why I am irrationally excited about Henry Ellenson this season

Yeah, yeah, yeah, go ahead and laugh away.