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Film Don't Lie

Film Don't Lie is where you can find the best video analysis and breakdown of the Detroit Pistons.

Film Don’t Lie: A Deep Dive Into the 3-Point Shooting of Saddiq Bey

Watching every 3-point attempt from the Detroit Pistons third-year wing-forward.

Film Don’t Lie: Jalen Duren’s path to dominance starts with improving his defense

Jalen Duren can be the league’s best two-way center, but that starts with perfecting his ball screen defense and playing with more active hands

Film Don’t Lie: The surprising 2-way contributions of Kevin Knox II

Breaking down the play from Detroit Pistons’ fifth-year wing-forward Kevin Knox II

Film Don’t Lie: Jaden Ivey must master the mid-range to unlock his potential

Why the mid-range game is the key for Detroit Pistons rookie guard Jaden Ivey

Film Don’t Lie: Is Killian Hayes a legit 2-level scorer?

A breakdown of Hayes recent play on the offensive end and how he is scoring the ball

Inside the Pistons’ playbook: 13 actions you need to know to understand Detroit’s offense

What are the Pistons running in the half court, after time-outs and for sideline out of bounds? We’ve got the answer with videos breaking down 13 offensive sets

Film Don’t Lie: Analyzing what is going wrong during the Detroit Pistons’ non-switching defensive possessions

The Pistons are relying on a lot of young players to learn and execute a complicated defensive scheme. Bryce Simon breaks down all the elements of Detroit’s scheme and how Detroit is taking a new approach to guard/big screens

Film Don’t Lie: Saddiq Bey trusts his process

Breaking down the offensive process for Bey in his third season

Film Don’t Lie: Bojan Bogdanovic is a professional bucket getter

Going to the film to highlight the offensive firepower Bogdanovic has provided the Pistons

Film Don’t Lie: Looking at the Struggles of the Pistons Transition Defense

Where are the areas for improvement when defending in transition?

Film Don’t Lie: Saddiq Bey needs to embrace his inner bully and attack on offense

I breakdown the season’s first three games for Saddiq Bey on both ends of the court

Film Don’t Lie: Reviewing Every Cade Cunningham Pre-Season Field Goal Attempt

Breaking down anything we can learn from the second year players pre-season shot diet

Film Don’t Lie: Jaden Ivey creates open looks for his Pistons teammates

A breakdown of rookie Jaden Ivey breaking down the defense to create open shots for others

Film Don’t Lie: The good and bad of Killian Hayes’ offense (so far)

The third-year point guard has shown positives and negatives through two preseason games

Film Don’t Lie: Nick Smith, Keyonte George, Anthony Black

The third 3-player breakdown for 2023 NBA Draft Prospects

Film Don’t Lie: Cam Whitmore, Amen Thompson, Ausar Thompson

The 2nd 3-player breakdown for 2023 NBA Draft Prospects

Film Don’t Lie: Victor Wembanyama, Scoot Henderson, Dariq Whitehead

The 1st 3-player breakdown for 2023 NBA Draft Prospects

2022 Offseason: What to expect from Nerlens Noel as a Detroit Piston

Nerlens Noel offers the Detroit Pistons a steadying presence amid Detroit’s youthful front court

Film Don’t Lie: Did Marvin Bagley III improve as a defender after arriving in Detroit?

I go to the film and break down Marvin Bagley III defense with the Detroit Pistons last season and ponder how much better he can get

Film Don’t Lie: Braxton Key isn’t an upside play, but he can carve out a role in the NBA

I take a look at Key’s minutes in Las Vegas to see what he brings to the Detroit Pistons

Film Don’t Lie: Jalen Duren shows upside AND youth in Summer League

I break down the three games in Las Vegas from the 18-year-old #13 overall pick

Film Don’t Lie: Isaiah Livers could be the glue that holds the young Pistons together

I break down what Isaiah Livers showed during his two Summer League games, and how it is just more evidence he could be a major piece in the Detroit Pistons rotation

Who’s the 4? Isaiah Stewart’s new shooting touch could transform him from undersized starting center to oversized starting power forward

I go to the film to look at Stewart’s jump shot and what it can do for his and the Pistons offense

Film Don’t Lie: Kevin Knox will either sink perimeter shots in Detroit or be buried on the bench

To get a sense of the positive and negatives of new Detroit Pistons reclamation project Kevin Knox, we went through all four years of NBA film

NBA Draft: Gabriele Procida is a “draft and stash” pick worth monitoring

A surprise pick by the Detroit Pistons in the second round of the NBA Draft, I dove into Italian League film of Gabriele Procida to see what the 20-year-old is all about

Film Don’t Lie: Jalen Duren adds the “jumpy jump” big man the Pistons desperately need

Duren can absolutely pressure and protect the rim but what about the rest of his game

Film Don’t Lie: A closer look at Cade Cunningham’s defense after the All-Star break

Much has been made of the No. 1 pick’s defense so I went to the film to find out

Film Don’t Lie: Isaiah Stewarts’ Defense is……REALLY good

I go to the film to check in on where the Beef Stew’s defense is going into the off season

Film Don’t Lie: Marvin Bagley runs the floor and Cade Cunningham attacks the rim — a closer look at Pistons’ transition offense

I go to the film to see how successful Detroit is being in transition opportunities

Film Don’t Lie: A closer look at Dwane Casey’s offensive playbook

I go to the film to see what the Pistons are running ATO, to start quarters, and in out of bounds situations

Big ’Diq Energy: A closer look at Saddiq Bey’s 51-point game

Some encouraging words from his mom and the full support of his coach create a night Saddiq Bey will never forget

Film Don’t Lie: Isaiah Livers is a baller

I go to the film to see what the Pistons have in the former Michigan Wolverine