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Film Don't Lie

Film Don't Lie is where you can find the best video analysis and breakdown of the Detroit Pistons.

Film Don’t Lie: Trey Lyles, the surprisingly effective small-ball 5

Lyles has played a much larger role than anyone anticipated this season, and he’s figuring out how to contribute as a surprise center

Film Don’t Lie: What did the Pistons trade for in Bol Bol?

I take a look at the former 2019 NBA Draft Pick and what he may bring Detroit

Film Don’t Lie: Detroit Pistons’ ball screen offense

I go to the film to see what it shows from the Pistons as a team in ball screen situations

Film Don’t Lie: Is THIS Saddiq Bey’s new normal?

Saddiq Bey has been a monster the past 10 games for the Detroit Pistons, but with Cade and company returning what parts of the new-and-improved Bey are here to stay?

Film Don’t Lie: Learning about Luka as rookie big man gets expanded role

I go to the film to see what Luka Garza is showing in his extended minutes

Film Don’t Lie: Analyzing Cade Cunningham’s Game, December Check In

Breaking down what we hope to see continue and improve from Cade when he returns

Film Don’t Lie: Checking in on the Pistons Defense

I go to the film for a three-game stretch to see where I think the defensive improvements can come

Hamidou Diallo making his case to be a long-term piece for the Detroit Pistons

I go to the film from the past few games to see if Hami is taking advantage of his opportunity

Killian Hayes’ offensive game is beginning to take shape

I go to the film to see what themes are emerging for Hayes on the offensive end

Examining Isaiah Stewart’s role in the offense and how he can get better as a roll man, screener and shooter

I go to the film to show what we are seeing from Stewart on the offensive end of the court

Film Don’t Lie: Frank Jackson should trade some 3-point looks for drives to the rim

I go to the film to see if Frank Jackson can truly be a long-term answer as a scorer off the bench

Cade Cunningham and the 3 major issues causing his turnover problems

I go to the film to see if there any common trends in Cade’s turnovers so far this season

Film Don’t Lie: The value of setting a good screen

I take a look at another aspect of the Pistons offense that is contributing to the struggles

One month in, Cade Cunningham is living up to expectations

After struggling out of the gates, Detroit’s prized rookie has provided fans with a new found sense of hope.

Film Don’t Lie: Momentum swings can turn a game around or turn a deficit into a blow out

I go to the film to try and highlight some momentum changing sequences for the Pistons over the past 2 games

Film Don’t Lie: Off-target passes dooming Pistons to failure before they even get the shot up

I take a look at just one (of many) issues continuing to plague the Detroit Pistons Offense

Film Don’t Lie: Killian Hayes, Isaiah Stewart are two pillars of Pistons defense

I take a look at Isaiah Stewart and Killian Hayes on the defensive end of the court

Film Don’t Lie: Pistons have loads of defensive potential, so we take a look at four key areas of Detroit’s D

An early season look at the Pistons defense against the Sixers and Nets

Film Don’t Lie: Pushing the pace could help jolt Pistons offense stuck in neutral

I dive into the film from the past two games to see what we have seen from Detroit’s offense in transition

Film Don’t Lie: To find success at the 3-point line, the Pistons must attack the paint

The shooting is really bad, but there’s a path to improvement

Film Don’t Lie: The growth of Saddiq Bey

Saddiq Bey is determined to be more than just a 3-and-D role player. While there are bound to be ups and downs along the way, we take a closer look at his passing and attacking the rim

Detroit Pistons X’s and O’s: A closer look at the offense and what I love, what must get better, and what isn’t making sense

In the latest edition of Film Don’t Lie, I go to the film to breakdown the actions I love, want to see better executed and am not a big fan of

Film Don’t Lie: Josh Jackson and what makes the good so good, and the bad so frustratingly bad

I go to the film to breakdown what we have seen from JJ to start the season

Film Don’t Lie: Killian Hayes and 5 areas of offense that show his potential and his struggles

I go to the film from the first 3 games of the season to break down Killian Hayes attacking the lane

Film Don’t Lie: Isaiah Stewart showed he can hold his own

I go to the film to see what Beef Stew showed in the opening game of the 2021-2022 season

Film Don’t Lie: A closer look at what the game against the Sixers can tell us about what the Pistons will run in the regular season

I take a look at some of the Sets and Actions Dwayne Casey used in Pre-Season and how they may be used in the regular season

Film Don’t Lie: Jerami Grant proving once again he’s the best player on the Pistons

I go to the film to see what we can learn from Grant’s 4 pre season games

Film Don’t Lie: Taking a closer look at new Piston Kelly Olynyk and new-look Saddiq Bey

I breakdown what we saw from Saddiq Bey and Kelly Olynyk

Following the footsteps of Balsa Koprivica’s development

Preseason games show that Pistons ‘draft and stash’ hooper has some way to go

Luka Garza doesn’t have the ideal speed for the modern NBA, but he has plenty of other tricks in his bag

Pistons rookie big man dominated Summer League in unconventional ways

Jamorko Pickett arrived a skilled but flawed player, but in Summer League he showed progress everywhere

The young forward is a good project to invest in

Sekou Dombouya needs a full season of rotation minutes, and here is what he can do on the floor to earn those minutes

I take a look at two games from Summer League to show what I want to see from Sekou this season