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Tom Gores 'not against' moving Pistons downtown

Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores addressed the media before Wednesday's season opener against the Houston Rockets.

As seen in the video above, Gores talked about his relationship with Joe Dumars, setting team goals and his desire to win. He also emphasized that he's "committed to this community," and wouldn't rule out an eventual move to downtown Detroit. From David Mayo of

"I don't think you want to leave it and just say, 'Nice to see you,' to the Palace," Gores said. "I don't want to do that. In the meantime, if the future is downtown, and that's what we have to do to grow, I'm not against that."

Until that hypothetical bears fruit, Gores said he is committed to the Palace, which he owns.

"We have to figure out how to get people from downtown here, and we're committed to that, we're working on that kind of thing. But we're here today," he said.

Gores made a significant investment buying -- and upgrading -- the Palace, so I wouldn't expect a move sometime soon, but I have to believe it'll happen someday. Factoring in traffic, Auburn Hills is a solid hour (and then some) from much of Wayne county, let alone Washtenaw. During the winter, the commute can be downright painful. Moving the team to a more central location, reducing the friction for fans to attend games on a whim, is simply good business.

Thanks to MLive for recording Gores' presser and making the video embeddable. And a tip of the hat to MFtads.